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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Miss Harris and Mrs Milsom



Swimming Day: Monday (Up until Feb half-term)





Class Worship: Thursday 4th July
Trip to Canwood Gallery (Details to follow): Thursday 23rd May

KS1 SATs:  Ongoing from 13/5/19 - 24/5/19




Our value for the half-term is:


I hope you had a lovely restful break and enjoyed the sunny bank holiday weather!


Our topic this term is ‘The Seaside.’ Our recent seaside trip will help children to immerse themselves in this topic which will cover areas of history, geography, drama and more. We will compare river water to sea water and think about how the weather can be different in coastal and inland areas. We will also look at the seaside at the turn of the 20th century and how the features of the past compare to the features of our modern day beaches.


In English we will continue to use our Talk4Writing approach. Please ask your child to tell you about what they are learning as they will always have a story to tell you! Our stories and writing will incorporate features of our seaside topic and our science topic of animals including humans. 
    Reading continues to be a focus. Children are heard reading individually in school at least once a week, with opportunities for reading in every lesson, in addition to weekly small group guided reading sessions.  
Children are expected to read at home at least 4 times a week.  When children have evidence of reading 4 times a week in their reading record, they will be entered into a prize draw to win a book. We have had a lot of lucky winners already!

    Children will always have a levelled book to take home, as this ensures they have access to both fiction and non-fiction texts, but they are also welcome to select additional books from the classroom, library or library van, in addition to my personal books which I am happy for them to borrow.


In the first half term, we will be covering time, in addition to recapping calculations using the 4 operations. Please support your child by asking them to tell the time whenever possible from an analogue clock. This week we are working on o’clock, quarter past and half past, before moving on to 5 minute past times (5 past, 10 past etc.) and then ‘to times.’ 
    Where possible, links with our seaside topic will be made. For example, children will be creating a tally of sea creatures, measuring the capacity of ‘rock pools’ and creating graphs to show differences in temperature.


Our science topics include animals including humans and plants. We will think about how to stay healthy and why we need to exercise, as well as looking at animals and their offspring. When looking at plants, we will identify what they need to survive and plan our own basic investigations. 


This term we will look at what makes places sacred, as well as thinking about our responsibility to look after each other and the world we live in. This will link nicely with discussions about waste in the sea which is a current issue. Children will explore these ideas through a variety of mediums including art, writing and drama.


Art & D&T
Miss Hallam will continue to teach the children Art & D&T on Thursday afternoons. The sessions are planned considering our topics and the children’s interests. They have already begun creating seaside art in the form of collage ice creams- yum!


P.E. kit (red t-shirt, black shorts and pumps/trainers) must be in school each day. We will send the kit home termly or as required. As it is now the summer term and slowly warming up, all children should have shorts to wear in their P.E. bags.


   This half term the children will be sitting their Key Stage 1 SATs tests. These are compulsory tests set by the government. Children will sit formal tests for reading (2 papers) and maths (2 papers). Please ensure that your child is in school if they are well enough to be here and that they arrive at school on time to prevent any unnecessary stress. The tests will be spread out over the last 2 weeks of this half term with no more than one test per day (unless absent). Each test will be followed with a period of play and the children are now used to this set up following practice tests we have completed. Please let me know if you have any questions about these arrangements or anything else.

Preparing for KS1 SATs


As you will be aware, all children in Year 2 will sit the National Standard Assessment Tests in May 2019. Each child will be tested in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths. This year, the children will continue to be taught a rich and varied curriculum which will not only prepare them for these tests, but also further develop their individual personalities. If you have any questions about these assessments, please do not hesitate to ask.

We really appreciate the support you give your children at home as this really helps them to develop as learners, thank you.