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Nightingale Academy

St Thomas Cantilupe Church of England Primary School

Shine bright your light (Matthew 5 : 14-15)

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'Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.' Louis Pasteur


Children have lots of questions about her world around us and we aim to provide them with the necessary ore scientific knowledge and investigate skills to answer their questions about these processes. Our curriculum, provides a rich variety of leaning opportunities that enable the principles of the key scientific disciplines to be understood.  


Science is carefully planned to allow links with other areas of the curriculum so that children can see how science affects everything in their world. All areas of science are covered twice in a two year programme allowing children to acquire knowledge and make links. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions, exploring the answers through scientific competencies. They will become more familiar with concepts as they progress through the school. They will also become more familiar with scientific learning such as making predictions, fair testing, observing changes over time, collecting results in a variety of ways, analyzing results, drawing conclusions, and evaluating their own results. Underpinning this is an emphasis on children investigating and experimenting using school, wider environment and community.


Our key concepts in science are:








As a result of this children know that their daily lives are shaped by science. They will learn to ask challenging questions as they explore the world and form their own opinions.  They will know how to collect information, organise and test ideas, solve problems and apply what they learn. Most importantly children will be able to make greater dense of their world and play their part in its future.  

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Nightingale Academy

St Thomas Cantilupe Church of England Primary School

Shine bright your light (Matthew 5 : 14-15)

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