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Nightingale Academy

St Thomas Cantilupe Church of England Primary School

Shine bright your light (Matthew 5 : 14-15)

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# Year of Reading

Virtual library 


Please feel free to browse around and chose any book to read or listen to, all you need to do is click on the book cover and it will direct you to the website.


These books are selected to support children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).


Click below to enter the library. Enjoy!

Our Class Reading Books - Summer Term

Our chosen whole class reading texts link to our termly topics. Below are the texts we are enjoying this term. We'd love you to share your opinions about these books with us. Tell us about your likes and dislikes, plus any patterns or puzzles these books make you think about. You can share your comments via our Twitter feed @ThomasCantilupe


Class R


Class 1


Class 2


Class 3


Class 4


Class 5/6


Class 6



Poems of the Term

Our classes love poetry. We enjoy learning them off by heart.


Year R - 'Somebody has to polish the stars' by Shel Silverstein 'If I were' by Eva Robinson

Years1&2 - 'The Wind' by Christian Rossetti,  'Natural anthem' by Benjamin Zephaniah, 'A robin red breast in a cage,' by William Blake

Years 3&4  - 'I wandered lonely as a cloud,' William Wordsworth, ' The Flowers,' Robert Louis Stevenson, 'The Flower' Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Years 5& 6- 'The Tyger' by William Blake, 'The Lost Words,' 'A bird came down the walk,' by Emily Dickinson, 'The Humble Bee,' by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Suggested Books Lists 


Please click on the links below to see suggested books for your child to read.

World Book Day 2020

STC have been further inspired to read and write after a visit from award winning author, Andy Seed.  Andy, talked to us about the joys of reading and the benefits of being an author. Words are wonderful. Andy even signed a copy of a pre-release for us!


'I really enjoyed the day and found the children receptive, enthusiastic and smart. The staff are very nice too! Once again, thanks for making this happen – it was an excellent day.'

 - Andy Seed, Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award (Best Book with Facts)


Helpful Links

Follow the links below, to view videos from BookTrust  which give tips and examples of how to read with your child.




Encouraging older children to read


'Research has shown that children who enjoy reading and spend more time reading for pleasure have better reading and writing skills, a broader vocabulary, and an increased general knowledge and understanding of other cultures.' BookTrust


  Here are some tips from BookTrust for promoting reading in your home with older children:

  • Ensure that your children see you reading. It doesn't matter if it's the newspaper, a cookery book, romantic novel, detective mystery, short stories, computer manual, magazine - anything!
  • Encourage children to join in - ask a child to read out a recipe for you as you cook, or the TV listings when you are watching TV.
  • Give books or book tokens as presents (and encourage others to do so!)
  • Visit the local library together on a regular basis, and enjoy spending time choosing new books.
  • Encourage children to carry a book at all times so they can read on journeys or in spare moments – you can do this, too!
  • Keep reading together. There are lots of books that both adults and young people can enjoy. Try The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, the Harry Potter series, or The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Read books you can all talk about but make the talk light-hearted, not testing or over-questioning.
  • Go to libraries or bookshops when authors are visiting. Children and teenagers love meeting their favourite writers - Jacqueline Wilson and Anthony Horowitz always have signing queues that are miles long!
  • Make sure your home is a reading home - have a family bookshelf and make sure there are shelves in your children's bedrooms as well.
  • Don't panic if your child reads the same book over and over again - let's be honest, we've probably all done it!
  • Encourage your children and their friends to swap books with each other. This will encourage them to talk and think about the books they are reading.

Looking for your child's next read?


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Nightingale Academy

St Thomas Cantilupe Church of England Primary School

Shine bright your light (Matthew 5 : 14-15)

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