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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4.

Our teacher is Mrs Cresswell.


Welcome back to the final term of year 4. This term is the shortest and also a busy one.




In English, we will be looking at poetry, concentrating on descriptive writing and improving word choices.  We will learn how different words can portray a different image to the reader.


Alongside our topic, we shall be writing non-chronological reports about the beach and looking at advertisements for holiday resorts.  We shall also look at persuasive writing, concentrating on environmental change and coastal erosion.


The class will have lots of opportunity to write stories.  Allowing them to show off their creative minds.  The focus of their writing will be based upon the beach or the sea.


Children will continue to work on their handwriting so that they can earn their pen licenses. 


Every week, the children will have a spelling test. The half-term spellings have been sent out at the start of the term but children will bring home a sheet for their weekly spellings. This needs to be completed and handed in on a Friday.  They will also bring home a weekly comprehension that needs to be returned on Monday.  We now looking at answering questions in full sentences, so if this could be encouraged for their homework this will assist in their learning.   Occasionally, they will also be bringing home a piece of grammar homework, which will help them improve on their writing. 


The children have an opportunity to read every day in class.  They also need to be listened to at home.  At home, if you listen to your child read and sign in their reading record four times a week they are entered into a weekly prize draw to win a book.  Reading is so important to help your child develop their imagination and improve their vocabulary.




At the start of the term, we shall be looking at decimals, concentrating on tenth and hundredths.  This is continuing on from our work on fractions.  After decimals, we will look at time and money.  You can support your child’s learning by giving real-life experience of this.  Ask them questions such as, how much change should I have? We leave in 10 minutes, what time will it be then?  At the end of the term, we shall be looking at shape and their properties.


We shall also continue looking at their basic skills.  If you could support them in learning their times tables and quick recall of their number bonds to 100 or 1,000 by frequently asking them questions this would also support their learning.




In Science, we are looking at animals and their habitats, which then leads into looking at animals including humans.  These science topics work wonderfully with our topic for this term and children will spend time looking at the creatures of the sea and learning about the food chains of these animals.




This term the children will be learning about the seaside.  We have started the topic with our trip to Borth.  Children will then look at the history of the seaside and how it has changed over the years.  We shall look at coastal erosion and what can be done to delay the deterioration of our coasts. Children have written questions that they want to find out the answers to and we investigate so that we can answer those questions.




We shall be learning about the Muslim and Jewish faith.  Looking at the festivals for both of these religions and why they matter to them,




This term, we are entering a dance competition.  The theme for the competition is colour so we shall explore how different emotions are portrayed by colour and this will be the basis for our dance.


We are  also having a cricket coach on a Monday, so children will be able to improve their batting, throwing and catching skills.


Please ensure that PE kits are in school every day.  They can bring them home at the end of the half term to be washed.


How can I help my child?


To support your child, please ensure that homework is returned on the correct day and that you read with them at least four times a week.  If children are reading a book, comic or newspaper at home, this can also be recorded in their reading diary.  Reading books should be in school every day so that the children can read them during the day and also we can listen to them read too.


If you need to contact me, either talk to me at school or email me


Important information


Homework due in on Friday and Monday

Reading at least 4 times.

Timetables practise using ttrockstars.

PE: Monday and Thursday 


Useful websites: