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Who's Who


St Thomas Cantilupe CE Primary School Staff Team


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs P Lloyd     Head Teacher

Miss V Ransford       Assistant Head Teacher (Lower School)

Mrs Z Semple            Head of Early Years

Upper School Team


Class Teacher Teaching Assistants 
6 Miss Hudson

Mrs Mulloy

Miss Dipper (SEN)

5 Mrs King

Mrs Jarvis

Mrs Young (SEN)

Mrs Grant (SEN)

4 Mrs Cresswell

Mrs Bridges

Mrs Gaye (SEN)

3 Miss Harris Mrs Rowbottom


Lower School Team


Class Teacher Teaching Assistants
2R Miss Ransford

Mrs Milsom

Miss Cruse (SEN)

Mrs Perks (SEN)

2D Miss Dallow

Mrs LePoidevin

Mrs Coulthard (SEN)

Miss Skinner (SEN)

1  Miss Parkinson  Mrs Morrish

Mrs Semple

Mrs Hall (Cover)

Mrs Double


PPA/Management Cover


Mrs Morris

Mrs Hall

Art Team


Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Art Room Mrs Williams

Miss Taylor


Inclusion Team

Mrs Montague     SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs Shepherd     Well Being Co-ordinator

Office Team

Mrs Rixon, Mrs Ross and Mrs Moreland

Lunchtime Team


Mrs Barry

Mrs Urban-Kestenov

Mrs Hopkins

Ms Webb

Mrs Perks

Miss Skinner


Nursery Staff Team

Justine Tighe, Judi Hole, Jodi Byng, Jackie Turner, Gisela Pinto Attfield and Elaine Cruse

Caretaking and Cleaning Team

Caretaker    Mr Venn
Cleaners      Mrs Gill, Mrs Foligno and Clearview Cleaning

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Staff Curriculum Responsibilities 2016 - 2017